Mind the Gap

September 26, 2019

The generational gap has always been part of human society, but today it’s different.

Today we have digital immigrants and digital natives. The first were born before the web and had to migrate into the digital environments. Meanwhile the natives were born with those virtual environments as part of their world.

What we see now is not a generational gap like the ones that always existed. What we are seeing is a generational break. A break of fundamentals that existed for thousands of years. A break in how we see communication, how we see ourselves and how we see life.

Now is the time to ask ourselves: Where is this break taking us?

We have to make sure the new fundamentals lead us to create better humans and a better world.

Use technology, never let technology use you.

Mind the Gap

Yane – Betafuture Remix

July 16, 2019

We have the pleasure to be part of this awesome project!

With the album “Kanatitsa Remixed” Ivan Shopov is taking the record to a whole new level by inviting 41 artists from all over the world to remix it. This results in an extensive amount of music, which shows “Kanatitsa” from tens of new angles but was still born and raised in the same soil where the original was planted, grew and blossomed. Almost every track from the album was remixed multiple times with the new versions ranging from drum and bass, trip-hop, hip-hop, IDM, ambient, trance and to techno. Namedropping and highlighting pieces in this carefully curated selection of artists is pointless but you are now able to create your own tracklist, depending on your music preferences but without moving too far from the original or disrespecting the impressive musicianship that was shown in “Kanatitsa” on the first place. What else should we say? Enjoy the flight maybe.


April 27, 2018

With this one we broke the beat 😵 Needles is our second release for 2018 and you can already check it on Spotify. It comes in the form of a liquid DnB tune, crafted specially for the compilation album for the 4th anniversary of Chillout Bear. You can check the rest of the album on SoundCloud and YT. A lot of awesome artists and tracks to dig through!



March 23, 2018

“…The mystical experience is characterised by feelings of cosmic unity, feelings of oneness with everything, feelings of interconnection.
It’s characterised by feelings of transcendence of time and space, by positive mood lifting. A feeling of bliss, a feeling of ecstasy, a feeling of gratitude… Pure magic!”

The mystical experience remains forever in the Heartbeat.

“The Mystical Experience” (Jason Silva)



Soundboy (ft. MC Primitiff)

September 8, 2017

Our 6th release for 2017 comes in the form of a collaboration with MC Primitiff.

Primitiff is one of Barcelona’s most wanted underground dnb MCs.
His energetic live performances are pure hype while his style in the studio is serious, clean and punchy.

This explosive featuring collides into an intense dancefloor smasher, locked and loaded to make you dance.

Buy the track and support us: https://betafuture.com/soundboy