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Yane – Betafuture Remix

July 16, 2019

We have the pleasure to be part of this awesome project!

With the album “Kanatitsa Remixed” Ivan Shopov is taking the record to a whole new level by inviting 41 artists from all over the world to remix it. This results in an extensive amount of music, which shows “Kanatitsa” from tens of new angles but was still born and raised in the same soil where the original was planted, grew and blossomed. Almost every track from the album was remixed multiple times with the new versions ranging from drum and bass, trip-hop, hip-hop, IDM, ambient, trance and to techno. Namedropping and highlighting pieces in this carefully curated selection of artists is pointless but you are now able to create your own tracklist, depending on your music preferences but without moving too far from the original or disrespecting the impressive musicianship that was shown in “Kanatitsa” on the first place. What else should we say? Enjoy the flight maybe.